Hotel Azur Takeshiba is located near Odaiba and Tokyo Waterfront City.

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Hotel Azur Takeshiba
Hotel Azur Takeshiba
Welcome to Hotel Azur Takeshiba


Watch and learn in Hamamatsu-cho, Tokyo

Old Shiba-Rikyu Onshi Garden
Imperial Household Agency having jurisdiction obtained palace in 1875, and took over to the city of Tokyo in 1924, when was opened as a park in public.

Hamarikyu Onshiteien
Recreation area as a garden of the Tokugawa Shoguns, where you can appreciate the beautiful flowers blooming in every season.

Shiki Theatrical Company
The theater of Gekidan Shiki in Hamamatsucho Tokyo.

Museum of Maritime Science
Maritime Museum for "Soya"-antarctic observation ship and such as Seikan Line ship are on display.

Famous temple of Tokugawa from Edo era

National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation
Science Museum where to interact with state-of-the-art science and technology era.

Shiba Daijingu
Venerable shrine boasts a history of a thousand years. This is also famous as the wedding hall.

The New National Art Museum
A new type of museum (14,000 m2) which has the nation's largest exhibition space as an art center.