Hotel Azur Takeshiba is located near Odaiba and Tokyo Waterfront City.

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Hotel Azur Takeshiba
Hotel Azur Takeshiba
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Le Phare - Esthetic Salon
Two private rooms are available. Have an elegant time and refresh yourself in body and mind accompanied by a beautiful view of the Tokyo Bay through a wall of windows.

We offer a variety of menu for your body and face.

Reservation by phone is required in advance.

Location: 18th floor


  • From 11:00 am to 20:00 pm (Front desk closes at 19:00)

Sky view bathhouse - Public bath tub, jacuzzi and sauna
Gender-segregated open bathhouses are located on the 18th floor with a spectacular view of Tokyo Bay. Please feel free to use our bath. Our guest who makes a room reservation from this site can enter the bathhouse free of charge. Bring an entrance ticket given on your check-in to the bath front desk. Use guest bath towel and face towel for free. To meet our guests’ needs, the bathhouses with ocean or mountain views are changed weekly so that males and females can use alternately.

Location: 18th floor


  • Opens from 15:00 to 23:00 pm (Front closes at 22:30 pm)