Hotel Azur Takeshiba is located near Odaiba and Tokyo Waterfront City.

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12:19 PM, Sunday, Mar 26th 2017

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Hotel Azur Takeshiba
Hotel Azur Takeshiba
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19 executive floor, we use twin room. I feel like the first room was smaller than I had expected, large enough, there is a long sofa, but it was perfect for relaxing while chatting at the table. And there was a surprise massage chair legs covered up, but it was nice. I was thankful to lend me a charger for iPhone. I think convenience is good or something useful I can buy drinks from the vending machines at any time, because there is a convenience store in front of the hotel. I think it is really useful when you use the boat from the pier bamboo grass, so the mouth feel on board the ship and the hotel grounds are almost directly. Helped me. Thank you all!


We were given a decent room with beautiful views. We stayed here for the last few nights in Tokyo so that we could go to Odaiba. It was the best decision that we made - a great send off to a great holiday. The hotel was clean, the staff friendly (enough), and was close (enough) to a train station.

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